Useless Study

     Many of the instructors in the schools of the present day are practicing deception by leading their students over a field of study that is comparatively useless, that takes time, study, and means that should be used to gain that higher education that Christ came to give. He took upon Him the form of humanity, that He might lift the mind from the lessons men deemed essential to lessons which involve eternal results. He saw the world wrapped in satanic deception. He saw men earnestly following their own imagination, thinking they had gained everything if they had found how they might be called great in the world. But they gained nothing but death. Christ took His stand in the highways and byways of this earth, and looked upon the crowd eagerly seeking for happiness, thinking that in every new scheme they had discovered how they might be gods in this world. Christ pointed men upward, telling them that the only true knowledge is a knowledge of God and of Christ. This knowledge will bring peace and happiness in this present life, and will secure God's free gift, eternal life. He urged His hearers, as men possessing reasoning powers, not to lose eternity out of their reckoning. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness," He said, "and all these things shall be added unto you." You are then co-workers with God. For this I have bought you with My suffering, humiliation, and death. 

FE 469