Infinite Sacrifice

     Christ prayed to his Father in regard to his disciples, saying, "Sanctify them through thy truth; thy word is truth." If this prayer is answered in us, we must have a daily experience in divine things. Jesus has made an infinite sacrifice, that we may build up our lives in pure, holy, upright deeds, and may grow up into an holy temple for God. We cannot afford to have our minds dwelling upon things of minor importance. We are building for time and for eternity. We must cherish the loveliness of Christ. We are nearing the end of earth's history, and we are to be laborers together with God to the end of time. We must do our work with fidelity, bringing life and vitality into the church of Christ. Jesus has pledged himself to do for us abundantly, above what we are able to ask or think. Heaven is worth everything. If we gain the eternal reward, we gain everything; and if we lose it, we lose everything.    

     There is a work for each one to do in enlightening others; for we are responsible for the souls of those who are around us. There are but few in this place who are obeying the commandments of God. RH, October 30, 1888